Oaxaca and Monte Alban – Mexico

Tiny, the Kiwi couple and I jumped on a Mexicana flight to Oaxaca which was some other destination with an archaeological theme that Tiny didn’t seem to be aware of when he’d booked the tour. Mexicana was a Mexican Airline that towered above other small airlines I’d flown on in the west. The service, cleanliness and professionalism of the staff was top notch. We landed in Oaxaca and met our driver. The first thing that greeted us outside the airport was this sweet looking modern police car which really didn’t fit the Mexico stereotype. As we drove out of the airport we were pulled over by a different police car and our driver had to hand over a bribe for some reason. I think he said it was some red tape about being able to operate as a tourist vehicle or something.

We arrived at our hotel which was completely empty of other guests apart from a few Mexicans. The tourism industry was definitely suffering and I felt sorry for them. Like everywhere in Mexico so far the place was great with fantastic service and friendly staff. We lay by the pool drinking and speaking of past times and memories and about adventures to come. The Kiwi couple went into town to explore the markets, and Tiny and I were picked up by a guide and taken to Monte Alban, the site of some kind of ancient ruins. We walked around this amazing place and the guide gave us a history lesson and described what everything was. I felt a little ungrateful as Archie and I had never heard of the place which was probably the ultimate destination on numerous interested people’s bucket list.

After the tour the guide dropped us off in town at the markets and we met up with the Kiwi couple. The markets were amazing and I wish I had taken more photos. We never encountered any other foreigners and the locals were friendly. I bought some guavas but when I cut them open later they were full of worms. As we walked around the markets I noticed an uneasy look on Tiny’s face and asked him what was the matter. He told me that he had an upset stomach and had just dioarrhoea-ed in his pants. I thought it was hilarious and we stopped off in a bar for a few beers. We usually drank local Mexican beers which were pretty cheap. Coronas were going for 70 cents USD in 7/11s on the street. Tiny went into the toilet at the bar and had to abandon his undies. We left the next day for the next destination on our archaeological expedition, but only after Tiny shat himself a few more times, once in his bed and another at breakfast.

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