The Spectacular Moscow Metro

Opened in 1935 the famous Moscow Metro is the busiest metro system outside of Asia with almost 200 stations and over 6.5 million riders each day. In rush hour a train will arrive every 90 seconds while Muscovites choose between the jostling crowds of the Metro or the diabolical traffic on the roads. The Moscow Metro network doubles as a massive underground bunker system with huge closable blast doors visible at many stations.

it is also rumoured that there is a second, even deeper metro network code-named D-6. It is alleged that this secret network connects important buildings and would evacuate key personnel in the event of a nuclear attack during the cold war. Many stations have a grand interior with beautiful fixtures and murals, while others are of a more simple and drab communist style. The metro operates between 05:25 – 01:00 and is patrolled by a special unit of police consisting mainly of conscripts.

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